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Develop A Plan

The first step in the home renovation process is developing a plan.

An in home consultation by one of our Home Renovation experts will take you from A to Z in the planning of your home project.

Items that will be in Home Consultaion

1. Review of your land topography, drainage, easements, building lines and setbacks for Home Remodel, Room Addition, Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, or Grill House.

2. Review of your community deed restrictions.

3. Builder review of best and/or most cost effective location of your Home Remodel, Room Addition, Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, or Grill House.

4. Assessment of need for type and size of Home Remodel Room Addition, Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, or Grill House.

5. Assessment of utilities situation (i.e. water, electric, gas, sprinkler system, etc.)

6. Estimation of cost for Project.

7. Measurement of slope of lot and its effect on foundation size of Home Remodel, Room Addition, Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, or Grill House.

8. Staking of the proposed location of the Home Remodel, Room Addition, Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, or Grill House.

9. Q & A: Discussions with homeowner regarding any other questions or concerns.

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Exceptional Designs & Selections

At Houstonian Home Renovations, we stay true to the style of your project, whether it is inner loop living or suburbia style, traditional or contemporary. Houstonian Home Renovations maintains one Design Center. 

Our Design Center is filled with the most up to date trends and products to take your vision and turn it into reality. Although we provide you with the most popular finishes and products available, you are not limited to the selections within the Design Centers. We simply provide these as a courtesy to our clients.

Our Interior Designers will guide you through the selection process from the Exterior to the Interior of your project. Our team is filled with experience and creative ideas to add that little touch of uniqueness to your custom home that will not be found anywhere else. Our goal is to bring your vision to life!

Construction Process

Communication is a key component in the process of building your new custom home renovation with Houstonian Home Renovations.  We take your thoughts, your input and keeping you up to date on the progress of your new home very seriously.  Your Construction Manager will be in contact with you continuously throughout the project.  Although you will have many informal meetings with your Construction Manager, below are three critical meetings that will take place throughout construction.

Pre-Construction Meeting: At this meeting you will sit down with your Construction Manager and the complete plan of the project, selections and blueprints.  The purpose of this meeting is to make sure you and your Construction Manager are on the same page of what you want to achieve with your new custom home.  You will review your contract, all addendums and any change orders that have been generated to date.  You will also review your house plans thoroughly and make certain all information relevant to construction is noted.

Mid-point Meeting: You will meet with your construction manager to discuss the progress of the job.  This meeting will be to make sure that the client’s vision of the project is being met.

Final Walk: Your Construction Manager will meet you and introduce you to your new home and demonstrate its many elegant features. You will learn about your maintenance responsibilities and warranty service. Your Builder will go through a detailed checklist during this walk and note any items that require your attention.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” ~ William A. Foster

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